Virus Protection and Removal


Malware, Spyware, Viruses and Spam can quickly cripple a workstation or a whole enterprise if not properly protected.

As computers and networks advance, so do viruses.  It is especially confusing when the writers of malware employ techniques such as trojans, time release programs, and software that looks like virus protection or Microsoft programs.

We constantly stay on top of the latest viruses

Free anti-virus software is what it is.  Free. Since it’s free, you don’t always get the latest and most up to date virus definitions.  Other software such as registry scanners, spyware removal tools and even a lot of legitimate virus protection programs, load the computer with so many extra processes, that the computer becomes almost as slow as it if had a virus.

Techzone uses the latest and greatest in protection software to stay constantly on top of problems that could take down a network or slow down your laptop.

A light weight client program runs quitely in the background, minimizing aggrivating warning messages and scans.  Virus definitions are downloaded nightly or at off-peak hours so you aren’t kept from your work.  With our managed services packages, issues are reported directly to us and we often find and correct problems without anyone ever knowing.

As long as people can browse the internet and load programs on to a computer, it is impossible to protect from all viruses and spyware.  Techzone has virus removal and network security specialist ready and armed with the latest in hand programed tools to clean your workstation or server, ensuring your business is ready for business.