Network Security

Network Security

Network Security is more important than ever.


Hackers, spam, viruses and even cyber criminals holding your data for ransom, are just a few of the different threats that you need to protect your network from.

Techzone is focused on security.

  • Proper router, switch and firewall configuration
  • Updated equipment firmware/BIOS
  • Wireless encryption
  • Email filtering
  • Up to date virus software and definitions
  • Proper file system and network permissions

Not only do you have to protect your network from outside threats, you need to be ready for attacks from your own employees.  You don’t want the person you just laid off to delete critical data on your network.  That means not only do your servers and file storage locations need proper rights assigned, you also need a quick solution available to HR and user management changes.

Your business competitors could be very creative when trying to put a dent in your business or gather sensitive information.  Make sure you are electronically protected and prepared.

We stay on top of network security issues and technology so you don’t have to.